Embracing Change - My New Book - Introduction

Jan 27, 2012

There's no use denying it. The world is changing. Rapidly. We're all feeling it. Many of us don't understand it yet. We're resistant to believe that the old ways don't work any longer. We're being nudged, pushed, pulled, and prompted to change.

The forces of the universe are conspiring to make it a better place. We needn't agree on what to call this Force that unites us. Whether some Higher Providence that Created All or a Quantum Force underlying Matter and Energy, whether God or Wave, whether enlightenment, awakening, or simply a return to Knowing, we can agree to consider a few simple points:

  • Clinging to old beliefs and resisting change leads to continued pain.
  • The world is changing and as we accept this change life... Read More »

I will write

Dec 18, 2011

I used to think the rejection was the worst part. As I listened to countless love songs, longed for a return of your touch, wished for what you said over and over again you didn't want, my heart sank. I fell to a dark place, a place where I forgot who I was.

So the rejection wasn't the worst part. Neither was the unfulfilled longing, the unrequited want. The worst part was when you told me not to write you any more poems. The worst part was when I put down my art, my passion, my essence, my poem.

How can I live and not fulfill my destiny? How can I be full and... Read More »

Web Design Form and Function

Oct 18, 2011

"Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union." ~ Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect

The web is new and innovative and different from any past human endeavor. This is true in some respects. The Internet is bridging gaps, creating new channels, opening new opportunities. But in other respects, it's not really true at all. It is simply a new medium. Before the Internet, television changed the world; before television, radio; before radio, the telegraph. And so on. People change, societies evolve, the world gets faster, but people, the essence of people, who we are and what we want, remains largely unchanged. Throughout history people want their needs and wants fulfilled. Styles change, preferences move, language evolves, but people remain the same.

And the Internet is simply an extension of people. A medium, a set of tools and agreements allowing people and... Read More »

A Typical Woman

Sep 15, 2011

I want to tell you a story. It's about a typical woman. A typical woman, in a typical small town, with a typical life. She lives in an average house. It's a nice house, comfortable, but nothing special. She has a typical job. It has good moments and bad. There are times when she feels fulfilled and times she feels unappreciated. She's had difficulties in her past. Failed relationships. Bad choices. She still makes mistakes. She worries. She doubts. She even fears sometimes.

She's nothing special.

Expect that's only a small part of this story.

Here's some more of the story, from my perspective.

She's my friend. My best friend. I've given her many reasons not to be. I've pushed. I've pulled. I've even demanded. I've probably... Read More »

The answer is love. What's the question?

Aug 17, 2011

How do I find my highest fulfillment? Love.

How can I find deeper intimacy? Love.

How can I be released from habit and past? Love.

How can I find the heart of God? Love.

How can I heal myself? Love.

How can I lead others to be healed? Love.

How can I forgive the unforgivable? Love.

Where will I... Read More »

Lessons Relearned

Aug 4, 2011

Life is funny. It offers beauty, perfection, wonder, growth, fulfillment, happiness, success, and love. Lots of other things too, like hardship, trials, lessons, doubts, bitterness, loss, lack, hatred, and fear.

I've understood for several years that what we receive from life truly is our choice. We receive what we give, we receive when we're in gratitude, we receive in resonance with the vibration of our thoughts and feelings. I've understood it, wrote about it, talked about it, and lived it occasionally. I've got plenty of proof that this simple worldview works. As we think, as we believe, as we feel, so we receive from life.

But, I've got a tendency to forget. I lose my sense of balance, of clarity, and things start to go in a less than perfect direction. I forget to be grateful and fear creeps in. I forget my deep faith and doubts find their way in. I... Read More »

Why am I afraid to write?

Jul 25, 2011

How many people need to validate that I have a talent for writing before I believe the idea? I've published five books, written over 2,000 poems, get lots of praise for my work, and very little criticism. But still, I'm afraid to engage in the craft of writing. I'm afraid to be a “real writer.”

This is the only life I have to live. Will I squander it in fear? I'm very comfortable in my old career as a computer programmer and web developer. Maybe writing is still outside my comfort zone.

What's the solution?

Seems there are two options. Write or not. I can choose to fully engage in my chosen career as a writer, or I can continue playing with it, seeing it as a hobby, a pastime, an interruption of my real work. There might be a third option, actively working two careers, writer and programmer. Is that a better... Read More »

Detours from Magnificence

Jul 12, 2011

I've had a bit of a rough patch lately. A little trouble with the law, a little fear connected with losing my income, a little too much nightfall, excitement, and doubt.

Sometimes I think too much of a good thing is great, but then I learn (usually through some painful lessons) that too much of a good thing is not so good.

I've got some dreams I like to follow – to be a successfully published author, to find a love with whom to share my life, to enjoy the freedom of financial independence, to travel, to savor, to enjoy life, a little more each day. But those dreams I forget in the chaos of wandering moments, chasing excess, craving that which I do not yet possess, living in delusion and confusion. That which I place in front of my dreams becomes more important than my dreams,... Read More »

The Freedom of Ignorance

Jun 21, 2011

It's so easy to fall into the trap of knowledge. I've done it many times. The attractiveness of the idea of wisdom, and the hope that wisdom brings peace, tends to cause me to be arrogant – and arrogance always creates distance; distance from God, distance from you, distance from my Higher Self.

This world we share is a projection of us, a creation of both our humanity and our divinity. It's easy to see the impact of our humanity – simple cause and effect – I choose to write these words and I create them; I choose to share them and they have some small impact on the world. But our simple cognitive thoughts, and beneath those, our emotions, are far easier to identify and even control than our higher thoughts, our divine impressions made manifest on our world.

Why is it so difficult to connect with our higher selves, with... Read More »

Summer Molting

Jun 7, 2011

I walked outside this morning, as I oft do, to enjoy the morning with my fresh brewed black coffee. I saw there were several leaves on my round glass table. They're from the old maple tree, a few yards from my door. It's a good tree, old, strong, and vibrant. (Not real old; I'd estimate about the same age as me.)

In my part of the world, it's still spring, entering summer. I thought it odd that a tree would be molting in spring, so I pondered, I wondered, I mused, as I looked at my old friend.

And what I realized is that sometimes change requires that we shed even new growth. We... Read More »

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