Steve Robison

I love writing. Writing excites me, moves me, fulfills me. It’s my passion and my purpose.

If you love reading, I hope you’ll find something worthy here. As Ben Franklin said in Poor Richard’s Almanac:

“If you would not be forgotten
As soon as you are dead and rotten
Either write things worth reading
Or do things worth the writing.”

I write because I love writing. And I write so people might cry at my funeral.


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Quiet Call

Type: Poem

June 6, 2021 12:27 pm EDT

I went for a walk
On the trail, behind my home,
On the other side of the pond,
Through the new woods,
And heard a song,
Played through my phone.

It said, in essence,
When you’re lost, say,
When you’re scared, say,
When you’re confused, say,
When you feel unsafe, unloved, and
All alone, say,
And with just that little piece
Of a willing heart,
Faith is renewed,
And Jesus hears,
And He comes,
And he heals,?And he LOVES,
The world is okay, again,
At least, for now.

And next time,
You feel a little spent,
You’re at the end of your rope,
You have no energy left,
And precious little…
You don’t have to run,
You don’t have to fall on your face,
You don’t have to recite some beautiful prayer,
But instead,
Say quietly,... Read More »


Type: Poem

May 23, 2021 1:17 pm EDT

a voice from the bright
speaking to me in my secret language
filling my emptied heart with something like golden hope
i need you
so much
this lost child
this twisty and gnarled soul
come to me holy spirit of god
come and wash me clean and pure with the fiery finger from heaven
i am lost i am confused i am beaten
i am sick of my own small voice
i need your voice
perfect divine alive
to set me aloft
take me father
pull me into your arms
i am wholly unworthy
of your holy rest
and yet, this
is my request
pull me close, my god
my father my savior my holy one my god
sanctify me
purify me
i am utterly struck dumb in my folly
my wits no longer serve me
i don’t know where i am who i am why
i... Read More »

Final Empty

Type: Poem

May 17, 2021 10:38 pm EDT

In the wretched prehistory
Before memories took form
There was the stark terror
Of utter abandonment
In time, to make sense of it
He chose to believe
This is what he deserved
To be alone
In the dark crevices
In the dank spaces
In the horrid spectacle
Of the rising and falling thoughts
Dancing with pure evil
Giving birth to new realms
Of terrific, blacker than black
And then, he was no longer... Read More »

Simple Tears

Type: Poem

May 1, 2021 1:41 pm EDT

I am a man who cries.
If you think that makes me weak,
You’re wrong.
If you want to judge me as
Somehow less than I ought be,
Well, go right ahead,
And as they say these days,
Have fun with that.
Honestly, I feel sorry for you,
If, man or woman,
You are afraid to own your feelings
And feel the fullness…
Of the sadness,
And the cracked gravity of grief
The brilliant fucking terror—
Utter and complete—
Of fucking bewilderment.
Some days, I have no clue…
How to thrive;
I am grateful
To sit alone in my dark closet
And cry the... Read More »