There's no use denying it. The world is changing. Rapidly. We're all feeling it. Many of us don't understand it yet. We're resistant to believe that the old ways don't work any longer. We're being nudged, pushed, pulled, and prompted to change.

The forces of the universe are conspiring to make it a better place. We needn't agree on what to call this Force that unites us. Whether some Higher Providence that Created All or a Quantum Force underlying Matter and Energy, whether God or Wave, whether enlightenment, awakening, or simply a return to Knowing, we can agree to consider a few simple points:

  • Clinging to old beliefs and resisting change leads to continued pain.
  • The world is changing and as we accept this change life has the potential to be more peaceful.
  • Continuing to live the lives we've led will likely yield similar results.
  • Those who do not embrace change will not flourish in our changing world.
  • Change is a hard thing, perhaps the hardest thing, but it's possible.

If you're willing to consider that the above statements may be true, if they somehow resonate, even in the midst of doubt, this book may hold some of the answers you're looking for. Welcome. Enjoy the ride.

My new book, Embracing Change, will be published soon. Thanks for reading.

Love and giggles,