I've had a bit of a rough patch lately. A little trouble with the law, a little fear connected with losing my income, a little too much nightfall, excitement, and doubt.

Sometimes I think too much of a good thing is great, but then I learn (usually through some painful lessons) that too much of a good thing is not so good.

I've got some dreams I like to follow – to be a successfully published author, to find a love with whom to share my life, to enjoy the freedom of financial independence, to travel, to savor, to enjoy life, a little more each day. But those dreams I forget in the chaos of wandering moments, chasing excess, craving that which I do not yet possess, living in delusion and confusion. That which I place in front of my dreams becomes more important than my dreams, and thus, that is what I receive, whilst the dreams gather dust on the shelf above my unused writing desk.

I suppose the key is balance, mostly, devoting time to both the enjoyment of the moment and the active creation of tomorrow's hopes and dreams. But it's also a willingness to lay aside the fears. My fears, of success, of failure, of not being quite good enough, these fears keep me stuck in the prison of the chase of compulsions, of the trifling away of time. As time dwindles, my dreams, my destinies, are delayed.

So, today I have a choice. Will I continue on my detours from magnificence? Or will I set down my fears and rejoin the Divine Path?

Time will tell....

Love and giggles,