Feb 9, 2019

I was kneeling on the floor, overwhelmed in the bright glory of the real and actual Son of God, my Brother, Jesus, prostrated soul, humbled mind, overwhelmed, moved. Tears flowed freely from the spring of my wounded heart. Thoughts of disbelief crossed my crowded mind. Shoulders tight, neck pained, the situation, the reality, the heavy MIRACLE of that moment stretching through and to the gates of heaven wore me down, smoothed me, revealed to me my essence. Resistance tempted me. Resistance begged me. Resistance commanded me to halt the tears, hold the breath, dismiss the sure and certain knowledge of the sureness and certainty of that long moment,... Read More »

What are the ingredients of innovation?

Jun 30, 2017

Innovation is solving problems and creating betterments in new and unique ways. Innovation is modifying our beliefs about how this ought be done so that we might forge new pathways of thought, invent new dimensions of approach.

Innovation is form, function, reality, imagination. Innovation is collaboration, noodling, navel-gazing, and actual action.

We choose to allow time to breathe, to listen, to observe, to wander, to think, and when the muse speaks, when Innovation speaks, we listen, take note, choose to act, and then ACT, with little need for validation, deliberation--and zero need for hesitation.

Actual action in the actual direction of vision and goals creates actual and concrete results. There is a time to think and a time to... Read More »

We and I, thoughts and feelings, creating, creating, creating

Mar 20, 2017

Life is, in large part, as I think it is.

While I know this to be true, I sometimes get stuck.

I get caught up sometimes in the concept of shared reality, of “one plurality.” We are one and we are many. I affect the universe but am but one of many co-creators. Some of what I see, I have created directly, and much of what I see was created by others.

Other times I get confused because I create not only by conscious but by subconscious thoughts and feelings. (Feelings are thoughts, too, much like news and poetry both express and communicate, but at opposite ends... Read More »

Seeking Magic

Mar 14, 2017

I have three writing modes.

1. Disciplined
2. Intentional
3. Inspired

I’m not sure those are the perfect adjectives, but they’re in the ball park. I spend most of my time in the middle, as it flows easily enough and I rarely feel the need to force myself. And when I feel I can’t write, I just start, and that feeling falls away soon enough. Once I start writing I can pretty much always write. I’ve proved that hundreds of times at free writes and the last eight weeks writing my weekly assignments which all turned out quite good.

But I don’t feel I spend a... Read More »

Removal of Envy

Dec 13, 2016

Envy is a result of competitiveness. But what is the value of competing? Have I not stopped being combative, divisive, and coarse? Is there some reason inside I must win? Will it prove that I am somehow worthy?

But I am worthy! That I know, simply because I am a loved child of a loving God. Regardless what I do or do not do and regardless of whether I “win” or “lose” some... Read More »

Wake, Today, Wake

Sep 14, 2016

There is not a single atom in you that is not perfect, not the smallest impulse of subatomic energy flowing divinely through your true essence.

You are. Think about that. You. Are.

You are. You exist. You are both connected to the Divine Flowing Glory of Existence and you are utterly and wonderfully unique.

Every breath, every beat of your choice, every thought of your heart, every glimmering star-shine twinkle of your fantastic imagination—each and every one—is the result of a perfect choice. Hence: destiny, fate.

You are your creation, destined to... Read More »

Transcending the Noise

Aug 21, 2016

Nine hours yesterday. Over seventy for the week. I’ve found my groove and learned some secrets. Mostly, it’s about simply deciding that nothing will stop me from being productive. And it’s about diving in early, before the brain has time to get all worried about the bullshit.

It’s removing myself from the noise. Or transcending the noise. Or getting pissed about the noise, and using that anger... Read More »

A Balanced Approach to Balance

Aug 8, 2016

Here’s my truth. I’m still afraid to shine. I self-medicate with distractions, reading and Netflix mostly, and give myself little time to actually enjoy life in solace and sensation because I’m still scared I won’t be able to live my dreams.

But part of the bitch of it is that I *am* living my dreams, at least many of them. I’ve not smoked in six months, I’m drinking lots of water and I’m eating healthy. I write lots, over half a million words this year.

But I push myself increasingly harder. And I wear down and wear out and fizzle. When I wrote a hundred thousand words in a month I wanted to write a hundred and twenty the next. When I lost two inches from my waistline, I wanted to lose three more, and fast. Faster, faster, faster until I get overwhelmed and then just say fuck it and lose most... Read More »

Take my shirt, thief! And my serenity...

Aug 6, 2016

It gets more and more curious, more and more impossibly fucking ridiculous. Mother fucking Ryan is asleep on the couch. Snoring. With the TV on.

I’m feeling very angry today. A little confused, too.

What did Jesus say about thieves? If someone steals your coat, give them your shirt, too?

Well, it’s pretty clear in Luke Chapter 6 (NIV):

“But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you.

“If you love those who love you, what credit is... Read More »

What is Magic?

Aug 3, 2016

What is magic? Changing what must be.

What must be? What is decided must be.

Who decides? For most the answer is God, nature, or chance. But for some, the answer is “We do.” We create our reality. We create the physical laws which govern our existence by a shared choice to do so.

So, to work a miracle or to perform magic is simply a matter of transcending the hive mind and deciding to make something different,... Read More »

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