It's so easy to fall into the trap of knowledge. I've done it many times. The attractiveness of the idea of wisdom, and the hope that wisdom brings peace, tends to cause me to be arrogant – and arrogance always creates distance; distance from God, distance from you, distance from my Higher Self.

This world we share is a projection of us, a creation of both our humanity and our divinity. It's easy to see the impact of our humanity – simple cause and effect – I choose to write these words and I create them; I choose to share them and they have some small impact on the world. But our simple cognitive thoughts, and beneath those, our emotions, are far easier to identify and even control than our higher thoughts, our divine impressions made manifest on our world.

Why is it so difficult to connect with our higher selves, with the consciousness we identify as I AM, as God, as Perfection, as Source, as the Universal Flow? I think, perhaps, it's as simple as the blocks we (our humanity) place in the way – fear, unforgiveness, doubt, hopelessness, negativity, and perhaps the most divisive of all, arrogance. If I think I have all the answers, I have no need to seek more. And seeking no more, I can become no more. Becoming no more, I am in stasis. And stasis is the opposite of growth and change. Stasis guarantees more of the same.

So, bringing it back to the personal, if I want my life, my thoughts, my little corner of the world to change, first I must release my arrogance, my knowledge; I must embrace ignorance, innocence, the faith of a child as the Great Teacher put it. I cannot change until I find the courage to surrender my wisdom. This is why the meek shall inherit the earth and the strong shall remain stuck in stasis, denying change, slowly passing away.

Today then, I choose to be humble, I choose to set aside that which I think I know; I choose ignorance, making room for new understanding, coming changes, and a better tomorrow.

Love and giggles,