I want to tell you a story. It's about a typical woman. A typical woman, in a typical small town, with a typical life. She lives in an average house. It's a nice house, comfortable, but nothing special. She has a typical job. It has good moments and bad. There are times when she feels fulfilled and times she feels unappreciated. She's had difficulties in her past. Failed relationships. Bad choices. She still makes mistakes. She worries. She doubts. She even fears sometimes.

She's nothing special.

Expect that's only a small part of this story.

Here's some more of the story, from my perspective.

She's my friend. My best friend. I've given her many reasons not to be. I've pushed. I've pulled. I've even demanded. I've probably hurt her. I may hurt her again. But she's truly special. She's loyal. She's decided that I'm her friend, too. She lets me be me. She appreciates me. She enjoys the time we share. She's honest. She's real. And her imitable strength moves me. She's taught me, and continues to teach me, the simple value of standing up for what we believe. She's taught me to keep walking. She is perhaps the strongest person I've ever met. And she believes in me.

She's my friend. My best friend.

Thank you so much. You're an absolute treasure in my life.

Your friend,