There is not a single atom in you that is not perfect, not the smallest impulse of subatomic energy flowing divinely through your true essence.

You are. Think about that. You. Are.

You are. You exist. You are both connected to the Divine Flowing Glory of Existence and you are utterly and wonderfully unique.

Every breath, every beat of your choice, every thought of your heart, every glimmering star-shine twinkle of your fantastic imagination—each and every one—is the result of a perfect choice. Hence: destiny, fate.

You are your creation, destined to be, simply because of your choice.

What will you do with this knowledge? Will you continue playing small, waiting for some elusive future to live your dreams? No. I know you won’t. For today is your day. Today, you are awake. Today, you feel the power flowing through your blood, coursing through your each thought.

Enjoy your inheritance.