Life is, in large part, as I think it is.

While I know this to be true, I sometimes get stuck.

I get caught up sometimes in the concept of shared reality, of “one plurality.” We are one and we are many. I affect the universe but am but one of many co-creators. Some of what I see, I have created directly, and much of what I see was created by others.

Other times I get confused because I create not only by conscious but by subconscious thoughts and feelings. (Feelings are thoughts, too, much like news and poetry both express and communicate, but at opposite ends of a spectrum.) If I want a new car but don’t feel I deserve it because of subconscious habitual beliefs, I won’t get the car.

All this is to say I must continually work to uncover the hidden beliefs that limit me if I am to live an expansive and fulfilling live, and that I must choose with care those I choose to be close to.

Life is as I and we think and feel it to be.