I have three writing modes.

1. Disciplined
2. Intentional
3. Inspired

I’m not sure those are the perfect adjectives, but they’re in the ball park. I spend most of my time in the middle, as it flows easily enough and I rarely feel the need to force myself. And when I feel I can’t write, I just start, and that feeling falls away soon enough. Once I start writing I can pretty much always write. I’ve proved that hundreds of times at free writes and the last eight weeks writing my weekly assignments which all turned out quite good.

But I don’t feel I spend a lot of time in that inspired place, the place where rainbows spark the neurons and pixies visit and sprinkle their dust and angels whisper words and I just write, write, write.

I suppose I could consider it befriending the muse, tapping into the limitless creative flow that’s the essence of our universe, the space between atoms, and between moments.

Or I could more simply call it what it is: magic.