I wonder at times like this if there’s something in me that’s creating the drama and chaos I experience. Do I really crave drama? Is this tension and stress something I enjoy? Is the world truly a reflection of my inner thoughts and feelings?

What are you feeling?


What’s beneath that?


Fear of what?

Lots of things. Fear of not having enough money. Fear of not realizing my dreams. Fear of not being good enough.

What’s beneath that?

A general feeling of unworthiness.

And what’s beneath the unworthiness?

A resistance to make the choice to trust more.

Do you want to trust more?

I don’t know; that would require releasing my illusion of control.

How’s that working for you, your controlling the universe?

It’s a big job; it’s exhausting. It’s keeping me from feeling free to express the real me.

Were you to express the real you, what would happen?

I don’t know. Some of the people I care about might get scared and leave me.

And then you’d be alone?


So beneath all these fears is the fear of being alone with yourself?


Do you love yourself?


Do you like yourself?


What can you do about the parts of yourself you don’t like.

Accept them first; then work to improve.

And this work, you have to do it all alone?

No. I’ve got help. I’ve got some wonderful people who love and support me. And I’ve got God. If I will choose to trust and allow.

And how do you think that might work? Better than controlling the universe, all on your own?

It would be a huge relief. I’d be free to let myself enjoy life and express the real me and trust that it’ll all be okay. Or better than okay, probably.

What’s your first step?

I just took it. Realization.

And the next?

A deep breath. Maybe a few tears. Then a choice to try a new approach. A choice to trust, to let go of my need to control.

What are you feeling?

Relief. Freedom.

What’s beneath those feelings?

Divinity. Joy. Goodness.

Nice work.

Thanks. :)