Happiness. What is it?

Abe Lincoln said that “most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” There’s some truth in this statement. Happiness is, in part, the result of choosing to be happy.

But beyond choice, what makes us happy? The sources and causes of happiness vary somewhat for all of us. A song can make us happy. A fulfilling relationship can make us happy. Living according to our purpose can make us happy. Chocolate can make us happy. Or fine wine. Or pleasant conversation. All these things and more can contribute to our feeling happy.

But not always. Sometimes being in happy situations doesn’t cause happiness. Sometimes external sources are not enough.

Beyond choice, beyond the external, beneath every cause, there’s an internal happiness. Or a lack of that happiness.

What then is the source of internal happiness, the sort of the contentment that persists, that doesn’t falter when the world is falling down around us?

It seems it’s a combination of two things, eliminating the blocks to happiness and knowing the truth of our existence, our divinity. We won’t be happy if we’re blocked by unforgiveness, by bitterness, or by a fear of trusting. And we won’t be happy if we’re not secure in our knowledge of our place in the universe.

Chasing happiness then, is a threefold process. Choosing to be happy, eliminating the blocks, and knowing, feeling, and experiencing our divine place in the world, in our universe. This trifecta is a sure and certain formula.

How happy would you like to be?

Are you willing to choose to be happy?

Are you willing to heal those parts of you blocking your happiness?

And finally, are you willing to trust in your divinity, your perfect and purposeful place in the universe?

Love and giggles,

Stevie Ray