1. Open your mind - I must be teachable to learn. I must learn to become willing to see that there is something beyond my view. If I believe I know, I will not seek.

2. Accept your imperfection - If I listen to my ego, I will believe I need not change; I need to see clearly my need to change by seeing clearly that I have not yet arrived at perfection.

3. Embrace your perfection - If I look too closely at my imperfections, I risk dwelling in the mire of shame and self-condemnation. I must reverently accept myself where I am. I must start where I am. Not where I think I ought to be, nor where you think I ought to be. I am here; I am now. This is where my journey begins. This is the perfect place for me to start to learn and grow.

4. Love without limitation - I must learn to love God in whatever form I see God in this moment, from this viewpoint. Next, I continue to love God as my perception shifts. In time, I will begin to love self. As I continue, I learn to love others. Placing limits on love places limits on growth.

5. Trust unconditionally - I must first forgive all who have harmed me in the past, including, and perhaps most importantly, myself. If I have forgiven, I will have no harm left in me, either real or perceived, and thus, perfect trust is assured. There is no reason to be afraid of the harm that will come in the present or future if I know I will forgive. Forgiveness is healing. Healing cures harm. The absence of harm allows complete trust.

6. Learn the lessons - As I walk and talk and dance and cry and live, lessons strengthen me, move me, orient me, mold me, meld me. The fire and the ice create the me that I am, that I am becoming. I must be willing to continue to learn, meaning, I must not cling to what I have learned in every moment leading to this moment. When I am willing to release my wisdom, I can be born into new wisdom.

7. Wake up - When the time is right, I will open my eyes, I will reach up and touch the face of God, I will spread my wings and fly, I will teach others the way....

Enjoy the ride...