A waking, an allowing, an embracing of spirit. A spiritual awakening is a new birth, a renaissance, of the undeniable existence of our one connected spirit, connected to a living universe, connected to a God of flux, connected to billions of other conscious souls, alive and in flux, all merging with increasing awareness, all perfect in the dazzling light of this very instant.

A spiritual awakening is not a denial of ego, nor emotion, nor instinct, but a cooperation of all the various facets which make us individually and indivisibly human, a cooperation of apparent physicality with divine bliss, a simplification of time not into the categories of past, future, and present, but a single moment that encompasses the reality of timelessness. There is no length of holy bliss for bliss is not constrained by a time line. For there is no perception, no reality, of time in the perfection of spirit.

A spiritual awakening requires no belief, only experience. Thus, the path to the choice of allowing that awakening requires a willingness to surrender beliefs, beliefs in limits, beliefs in the equanimity of the physical and apparent world with the world beyond comprehension. The physical exists—this is our experience—but not at the exclusion of spirit. The physical world exists not in spite of spiritual truth but because of spiritual truth.

Spirit creates. The world is born. Spirit breathes. The world is renewed. Spirit dreams. The world is changed.