It's sadly ironic that so many of us think that we can think our way to enlightenment.

Sure, enlightenment requires some thought. But it also requires a willingness to release the thoughts that hold us back. Enlightenment is realized when we surrender our desperate need to understand.

Which thoughts hold us back? Most of them. Any thought attached to limits, to fear, to anger, to justification or rationalization. And that covers most all of our conscious thoughts. It's not our fault. It's a vicious cycle perpetuated from both sides of the spectrum.

Most people have no beliefs beyond those they can prove with their senses. They believe the sky is blue, chocolate is rich, sex is fulfilling, and that one plus one equals two. All these ideas are apparently true. But none of them are always true. The sky is blue only to we who have sight, only during daylight hours, only looking up from earth, and only on certain days. Chocolate is rich only when tasted. Sex is fulfilling only with the right partner, in the right circumstances. And one man plus one woman often create a third. (1+1=3)

And those at the other end of the spectrum, the teachers and sages and "lightworkers"?  Many of them are just as wrong in that they've come to believe that there is no truth beyond love or oneness or the "now." How silly. How utterly shameful that so many preach from the mountaintops while not realizing there is no mountain.

The highest truths are quite lonely. All is love. Only the present moment matters. There's more to existence than we perceive. But even these highest truths aren't always true. All is love only to we who believe all to be love. The past is a great teacher; the future gives us the possibility to grow and change and hope. Perhaps there is more to existence than we perceive or perhaps we create our existence purely by our thoughts and perceptions.

So what of the search for truth? It's a good thing, in that it allows us to grow. But as soon as we decide we've found the highest truth or truths, we stop our growth. And that's not enlightenment. That's the opposite of enlightenment. And if enlightenment is indeed bliss, than ignorance, or the pursuit of ignorance, is a useful tool in the pursuit of enlightenment.

Think you have all the answers? You don't. And you're limiting your growth if you think you do. And mine too, as we're all connected, at least in some sense. So stop it! Be ignorant. Play with the idea that all you've learned as TRUTH may not be. Be willing to be a fool. There is where we grow, change, and evolve.

Love and giggles,