Deep within each of us is a knowing. It’s not limited to psychics and mystics and the enlightened. We all know.

We know when we meet a kindred soul we can trust them. We know when we meet a lost soul, we can’t. Sometimes we listen to the quiet voice. Sometimes, sadly, tragically, we don’t.

I posted a tweet yesterday, one among many. At that instant, I was in a good place, a clear place, a place of love. I said “In the midst of the din, hear one thing. I love you.” The tweet was, almost immediately, retweeted by three, favorite by six. I posted the same or similar tweet three more times in the subsequent twelve hours or so with almost no reaction. The difference, I think, was that I wasn’t in that place of clarity and love with the subsequent postings. And my followers knew, sensed, the difference. The first post was from the heart, and people knew the difference.

I think all effective expression is like this little example, whether professing our love, painting a portrait, writing a novel, or selling widgets. People, all people, can sense the difference between authentic and not, between heart and mind.

People know.

So, before you express, before you interact, find the truth that’s within, find the love that’s your highest essence, and expose only that to those with whom you interact.

I love you.