My favorite words: awake, heat, wonder, ergo, passion, you, joining, merging, discovery, bliss, perfection, here, now, one, love.


There's a tightness, an urgency in the pain. Unlike the uncomfortable moments, winded climbing the stairs. 37. Too young for what feels like a heart attack. Thoughts rushing. Be calm, Benjamin. Be calm. Breathe.


The universe never resists our deepest desires as our deepest desires are utterly and fully divine. The resistance we sense is not from Source but from destination.


It's a little about working harder, more about working smarter; more still about working "hearter."


What I have learned:

God speaks when we are ready to hear.

God reveals when we are ready to see.

We are one with God, thus we are God.

The universe provides all we request, in faith.

Nothing we believe impossible is possible.

Nothing we believe possible is impossible.

The world is as we have wrought.

The world changes as we change.

We all, deep within, want love and peace.

Love and peace are possible.


Seven hawks circled above his head. He felt as much as heard the twelve streams of water from the fountain just beyond his reach. The brick wall below, about twenty feet in diameter, one foot high, held the water inside, was surrounded by mulch, bushes, yellow and red flowers, and a single oak tree, fifty or more years old, he estimated.


The secret to peace is that peace always moves; it ebbs and it flows, outside all old grooves.


The masters rise again

In mystical transgression

Brave powers of the pure of heart

Embracing what they’ve known


When we force ourselves to take a little time and actually think about this existence we share, amazing realizations occur to us. And they build, one on the other. Life changes when we both slow down enough to allow it, and speed up enough to participate in our evolution.

When what science teaches us doesn’t “sit well,” when it feels counterintuitive, it’s probably not true. Many are coming to believe, for example, that animal fats are healthy, that grains are useless and even poisonous, and that abundant sunlight is beneficial. We intuitively know that tan is healthy, pale is not. Cancer occurs not because of the sun but because of fear of the sun, and fear of the cancer.

These truths will not remain indefinitely quiet. Life insists on evolving. Change is simply evolution, allowed.


When we learn to see God not only in the stars but in a single flower, there we know the truest spirituality.