Life is dance, subtle steps in and out, left and right, rising and falling, writhing and resting, flowing in song, balanced.

But balance sought is balance lost. It cannot be captured nor held. It can scarcely be seen. Balance is the wind, and we are but windmills. As we allow the wind to flow through, we turn. If we do not, our resistance may cause us to be overturned.

And sometimes the wind does not blow. This is when we rest.

So balance is the wind, but also the absence of wind. Balance is the windmill turning but also at rest. Balance is the dance. Balance leads, we follow.

Does the rain choose to fall? Does the cloud choose to release it? What controls nature but the unseen force? And are we not, when balanced, a part of that very same nature? If God is Everything then God is Balance. Balance is of God. Balance is divine. Balance is outside of our conscious control.

We have but two choices, to resist balance or to yield to its perfection.

So is resistance always bad? Absolutely not! We are a part of Creation. We are each and all a part of God. When we resist the flow of the universe we create change. And change is our sacred responsibility, as extensions of God, as portions of God, as the very Nature and Essence of God.

And being the Essence of God, we are also the very Essence of Balance and the Essence of Change. We are the windmills, the winds, the clouds, and the rains. We are the dance, the song, all that rises, and all also that remains.

Thus, balance is in our control. It is a great responsibility. The very Nature of Existence depends on how we choose to exercise or not exercise this divine control.

Who are you? You are me. Who are you? You are God. Who are you? You are song. Who are you? You are change. Who are you? You are You. You are Me. You are the holy and Perfect WE.

Embrace the depths of our flowing soul. Find your essence. Revel in the crucible of all creation. Live in the wonder of Divine and Destined Balance.