How do I change my mindset to one of pure love?

The old voices still whisper; the old images flash across a crowded perspective.

There was once a time when I experienced the clarity of a moment of pure light. I had been on a spiritual journey for a few years; I’d learned about God and love, found freedom from some addictive behaviors and substances; I’d found the path to where my divinity lay, once dormant, now waking.

Breathtaking views
A soul renewed
A butterfly landed
On my open hand

There was a time I was writing a collection of poems — Seven Doors in Seven Clouds. Each door corresponded to a segment of the journey to (or of) enlightenment: Clarity, Hope, Faith, Surrender, Trust, Fire, and Awakening.

I was convinced that as I finished writing poem number seven, I’d achieve some great place and heightened awareness, see the gates of heaven, and blink instantly out of this existence, moving on to the next plane.

While I did have a few amazing and divine experiences, I didn’t leave this existence. I was disappointed and relieved; I was confused and at ease. I’d tasted heaven but I didn’t fully leave here and go there. I still carry around those perfect moments, but they’re not always clear; sometimes they don’t even seem real.

So back to the question, “how do I change my mindset to one of pure love?”; perhaps the answer is that it’s not the right question. Pure love is wholly and perfectly available in the place of divinity. And it’s a very short trip, or it can be. But divinity is but part of the story, part of who we are. Pure love, perhaps, is not available in this realm, in this reality, in the constraints of humanity in which we have chosen to be.

To love myself, I need to love myself from a place of divinity. I love the divine in me. And I divinely love the divine in you. But I also love the not-so-divine in me. If that’s even possible, to be less than divine. But that’s a topic for another day…