To find our soul mate, our twin flame, our perfect other, isn’t that what we all want?

And yes, I recognize that some of you will find my language disagreeable, arguing that soul mates and twin flames aren’t the same thing. They are. It’s just another example of trying to make new language fit our view of how we’d like the world to be. Most of us know we’re all connected. We’re all one. So, in a very real sense, we’re all soul mates. Twin flame is a term we invented when we realized our concept of soul mates was a little flawed. How can there be one soul mate when we’re all soul mates? But likewise, as we’re all one, not only in concept but in reality and truth, we’re all connected to the same light, the same same energy, and yes, the same eternal flame.

So, what is romantic love then if it’s not destiny, not fate? Seems the only possibilities are chance and choice. And we all know there are no accidents. So romance isn’t random chance. Romance then, must be choice.

God is Love. Love is God. We’re all part of that Love/God/Divinity/Light/Flame. So we ARE love. Each and every one of us is pure love. We see this when we release our fears and petty selfish habits. We’re all pure love. So I’m in love with you. And you’re in love with me. Could it be any other way?

What is romance then? And what about a monogamous equal relationship?

Romance is wonderful, as is commitment and monogamy. It allows us to explore another and ourselves at deeper, more intimate levels. It satisfies a longing we all have to share life, to connect, to be part of something larger than our disconnected selves.

And we find romance precisely where we choose to find it. After we’re ready to risk intimacy, to risk exposing our deeper selves to another, we become ready for romance, willing to dive into the fires of its passion, and the sweet gentle breezes of its peace.

We find someone who is both mirror and not. Reflecting in those areas where we need equality in order to merge, contrasting in other areas, adding spice, adding opportunities to learn and evolve. We find someone with whom we resonate, with whom we create a pleasing harmony, but not someone on precisely the same frequency. Of what value would it be to be in relationship with someone exactly like we are? We’re already in that sort of relationship with ourselves.

Swim then in the global love that we all share. But also recognize and embrace the truth that we can, if we choose, attract and create a wonderfully fulfilling and satisfying relationship with a soul mate, just as soon as we decide we’re ready.