The paths we walk are different, but the destination is the same. There are many more commonalities than differences. This is one truth the ego likes to befog. Obscured by confusion, doubt, and a desire to be unique, the ego tells us the path we have chosen and are walking is the One True Path. This is patently false. People from many religions, traditions, and belief systems are coming together with the common aim of loving peace.

When we choose to focus on the similarities, in full recognition that we are indeed One, it becomes possible to love and accept differing viewpoints. If love is the goal, the only goal, we can come together in this goal, seeking, discovering, and practicing a shared loving intent.

The ego enjoys creating distractions to block our view of the truth. To allow any distraction that is not based on love is unloving. Granted, this can be a difficult pattern to set aside, but it is surely possible.

Test every thought for its lovingness before allowing it to make a home in you. Fear, doubt, shame, confusion, anger, lack, grief, sickness – none of these thoughts are from love. Invite love to escort these thoughts from you. Give them no more attention than is necessary to invite them to leave.

The solution to all these ego tricks is the same. When we deliberately fill our minds with thoughts of love, when we observe and test each thought, the ego loses the power to obscure our view or to keep us from walking the path of peace.

Open your eyes, invite the unloving thoughts to leave, and look at the truths of love and peace. Then act. Act in love, and only in love. And all the world will change. All the world will change.