Life is a roller coaster. Ups and downs and sudden turns. Unexpected moments. Unexpected circumstances. Chance meetings. Chance opportunities to see with new eyes.

In the why is the quest. In the what is the answer. In the questions lie the truth. Deeper, where the Heart sings its quiet songs, there is found the reason. There is found that which is real.

They stood, facing each other, closer than comfortable, gazed deeply into wanting, seeking, questioning eyes. Dropping their needs for but an instant, they saw the answers they sought. In a moment, depth was revealed, the flow, light, wonder, amazement, mirrors of perfection, blue eyes, green eyes, four, two, one, new.

Where is the truth seen most clearly? In the moments when we stop thinking, stop seeking, stop needing, stop wanting.

The roller coaster comes to a stop. Peace dawns. The heart speaks.

Take some time today to hear your heart's song. You'll be glad you did.

Love and giggles,