As we dive more deeply into understanding, and as we embrace these times of transition, it's sometimes good to step back for a few moments and assess where we are and what really matters. Life, looked at clearly, is quite simple. We are all connected, yet unique. We're here to learn, grow, love, be loved, and be happy. Let's remember today, while we continue to learn and grow, to love and to enjoy this life that is our miraculous gift.

To “know thyself” is not merely to know one's thoughts, one's conscious being, but also to know the heart, the subconscious, as well as the higher self, that part of ourselves that is connected to the One Self. Spending all of our time and energy trying to comprehend is to spend all our time and energy knowing only the conscious self.

Understanding of the feeling self, the heart, the subconscious, requires moments of stillness, allowing ourselves to feel our feelings and then to give them an outlet by expressing them. Understanding the higher self requires connecting to the Divine within, through both times of still reflection and through the sharing of love with others, seeing and expressing the Love that is our Shared Reality.

Take time today to be still, to feel your feelings, to accept them, embrace them, express them, and release them in loving ways. Take time also to sense the Divine Within, both within you and within others. As we give our time, energy, and attention to each part of us, we feel more fully the joy that is life.

Love and giggles,