Most of us have a pretty good idea what faith is - believing in the unseen and unknowable. But what is faith at a more practical level?

For me, faith has been a constant state of growth and progress. Beginning my walk in faith, in love, in light, after surrendering the idea that I was God, that I had all the answers, that the world revolved around me, I came to a belief that not only does God exist, but that the Divine Presence of God is an active force and power in my daily life.

After a time walking in light and for the most part living a life of love and grace, I stopped thinking about my faith. Lately though, as my desire to live and share more love and awareness expands, I'm being nudged to examine my faith, and more importantly, to grow to higher levels of faith.

As our hopes and dreams grow, so too must our faith grow, that we may become the people large enough and confident enough to fulfill and sustain these larger hopes, dreams, and intents. The Law of Attraction works only when we believe it will, only in the presence of sufficient faith. And without a sufficient level of faith, we often won't take the action necessary to co-create what we wish to manifest.

To grow our lives, to expand in giving and abundance, we must choose to grow our faith. Our faith expands to include not only the Divine Presence but also to include a fervent and conscious belief in ourselves. We will never achieve what we don't believe we can achieve. We will only receive what we think we can receive. If we want more, we must choose to grow our faith in ourselves and our abilities as participants in the creative process.

Starting today, starting now, choose to look within and see more clearly the light that shines on your dreams, the fire within that is your passion, the faith in the Divine Creation that is you. Expanding faith begins with your leap into new and unknown territories, in the choice to believe in you.

Love and giggles,