What is love? At the highest level of understanding, Love is God, and God is Love, the Divine Presence that moves through us, created us, recreates us in each instant. Love is the utter essence that touches our highest levels of understanding. Love fills us with a sense of peace, contentment, with a feeling that all is right in our world.

Some models of consciousness, our existence, our truth, are shown as in a top-down fashion. For instance:

  • God - perfection, creation, pure light, pure love
  • Higher Self - the place in us that connects to God
  • Conscious Self - the home of the thoughts of which we're aware
  • Subconscious Self - the part of us that feels, the place of sensations and instincts

Personally, I think a better model is more like this:

God surrounds us, pervades us, and connects to us and through us at all the levels of our being. At the higher levels, God is light, beauty, perfection, awe. At the conscious thought levels, God is presence, contentment, co-creation. And at the instinctive, emotive, sensory, subconscious level, God is comfort, wonder, fire, fuel.

Connecting with another, regardless of the variety of love, friendship, romance, familial, spiritual etc., can happen at various levels of our being. In this model, that connector is God, the Universe, Perfection, Love. So connecting at the highest spiritually aware levels, God is the connection. But likewise, connecting at the levels of conscious thought or at the sensory level, God is still the connection.

So one person can connect to another at any of the levels of being, all through God, through Love. Or one person can connect to another through all levels of being, again, all through God, through Love.

Divine Love then is our true connection, one to another, and the more willingly and openly we connect at the various levels, the more full and true the connection. With surrender, trust, and awareness, we can develop this openness and willingness. In this ever-deepening state of Divine Connection, there is where Love shines bright.

Love and giggles,