Why do we procrastinate? Usually it's based on either not wanting to face and be our highest selves or it's simply caused by the habit of procrastination. Procrastinating creates more procrastination; we create a cycle of habit, and the habit takes on a life of its own. Procrastination becomes a place of comfort, not because we actually like being in this place, we don't, but because it's familiar. There's a certain comfort in the familiar. This comfort becomes an impediment to change and growth.

So how do we break free? We act. We face our fears squarely and move through them. We ask ourselves questions like "what's the worst that can happen if I do this thing I'm afraid of doing?" and the corollary "what's the worst that can happen if I don't?"

Usually the worst sort of things that can happen when we choose to act are making mistakes, being judged, or being rejected. And sure, none of us like making mistakes, being judged, or being rejected, but when we look at ourselves honestly, we see that those worst case scenarios aren't really all that bad.

When we look at the other side, the worst effects of not doing the thing we're procrastination, we see things like not growing beyond where we are, staying stuck, and not achieving our highest dreams and aspirations.

The risk then, of acting, of choosing to not let procrastination keep us stuck is almost always less than the risk of not acting, of remaining stuck in the familiar place of fear that is procrastination's home.

So... what's your choice going to be today? Isn't now the best time to begin to change?

Much love,
Stevie Ray