One of the reasons love sometimes doesn't find us when we're trying to attract love is not seeing ourselves as beautiful, as perfect, as worthy. The Law of Attraction clearly states that like attracts like. If I see myself as equal, in whatever terms matter most to me in a romantic partner, I stand a really good chance of attracting an equal romantic partner. If I see myself as somehow less, whether in terms of beauty, intelligence, creativity, kindness, or any other attribute I can quantify, I'll not feel worthy of attracting that perfect mate I think I want.

The Law of Attraction only works in the presence of faith, the deep sort of faith that starts deep and pervades all of who we are and perceive ourselves to be. If I'm not attracting the sort of relationships I want, I need to first look at me.

Start by listing those attributes you want in the ideal mate. For me the list looks something like this:

Next, look at each of these attributes and rate yourself, on a scale of one to ten (using, of course, your own list).

  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Authentic
  • Beautiful
  • Confident
  • Evolved
  • Fun
  • Intelligent
  • Available

Those areas that are below a ten are areas where we need to either change so that we can improve or change our perception so that we can simply see the truth about ourselves. Loving another always begins with loving ourselves. And part of loving ourselves is seeing ourselves as worthy and worthwhile.

When we see the perfection in ourselves, it's easy to see the perfection in others. But also, and perhaps just as important, others, including our potential mate, can only see the beauty in us that we first see in ourselves.

Love yourself today. Take the time to consider your list. Isn't today the best day to begin to change those things we perceive as lacking in ourselves?

Love and giggles,