Chapter One – A Sudden Urgency

The signs are all around us. Both in what we see and what we don't. There's an increasingly pressing need to change. The longer we stubbornly wait to join the flow, the more it hurts. Most all of us are in some degree of pain – inexplicable, from a deep unknown place.

There's no more denying it. The voice of the Witness is being overtaken by the voice of Change. We all see it and know it, in some very deep place – a deep and unfamiliar place. It calls and it beckons and it leads. The voice of Change is clearly telling us all that the time has arrived. It doesn't work well any longer to stand by and watch. Change is insistent.

We still have free will, of course, and you've got the ability to put this book aside and go on pretending for a while longer that you can continue in your old life. But it's not going to get much better or any easier. The longer you wait to begin to embrace change, the more pain you will bear.

The illusions of lack and disease and loss and of a finite world simply do not serve you any more. Mankind will evolve. Those who resist indefinitely will cease to exist. They'll die in wars, disasters, or sickness. No one can remain in the old ways and continue to thrive. It's time to change. Evolution demands it.

My purpose in this strong beginning is not to evoke fear, but instead to simply and quickly persuade you to begin to look at the truth. The truth is that good things like love, peace, and abundance are the new way, and fear is the precise opposite of love.

To evoke, create, or foster fear is not my intent. My way is love and my intent is love. I desire only to rouse you. I wish only to prompt you to wake – to help you to choose to look for and see the truth of the world in which we live today – a world of loving change.

It takes courage to change, real courage. Real and true courage is not being fully free from fear but instead having the willingness to face and embrace the fear and keep walking anyway. Courage is much more about willingness than about fearlessness. We're all afraid. We'd not be human if we weren't.

The world naturally has a tendency to flow. That which stands in the way of flow is carved away. Visualize a sandcastle built with loving care at low tide. It's a beautiful creation. But it's not part of the bigger picture. When the high tide arrives, it will return to its natural state of being a part of the larger whole of the sandy beach.

Our time of willfulness is as the sandcastle. It stood proudly for a time and will forever be a part of our history. But our willfulness, our ego-centered ways, will not stand against the rising tide of Change. Change, like the ocean, is patient and strong. In time, all the sandcastles will be washed away. In time the beach will return to its natural state. In time, humanity will return to a state of cooperation with the divine Change and Harmony that's rising.

It's probably not possible to pinpoint the exact moment when this change began. Probably it was aided significantly by the information age and the Internet which brought and continues to bring widespread knowledge not unlike the advances set forth in humanity following Gutenberg's invention of the printing press.

Many of the religious as well as scientific and philosophical traditions have understood the nature of the universe for a long time. But the widespread dissemination of that knowledge is creating an unprecedented breadth of understanding. What was once understood only by the highest achievers and deepest explorers is now freely available in books and on the Internet.

We're nearing a tipping point, a point of no return. The meek truly are inheriting the earth. The old power structures are crumbling. Borders are dissolving. Peace, love, and understanding are beginning to prevail. More and more of us are seeking, and thus living, our highest truths. And as we do, all the illusions are falling away.

We won't follow tyrants anymore. We won't spend our time at unloving or unfulfilling jobs. We won't allow others to treat us with anything but love and respect. As we learn to embrace only love, the power of fear dissipates. And each little change by each and every one of us contributes to and supports the blossoming global change.

As more of us wake and talk about these sorts of things, they become increasingly prevalent. We lose our fear of being different and we follow the way of love. We follow and live our highest truths, not the precepts and illusions of the old and dwindling leadership. This rising change is not revolutionary, but evolutionary. The change is quiet but pervasive. The change is imminent. The change is you. The change is me. The change is now. Welcome.

Love and giggles,
Stevie Ray