To seek balance, I have learned, can be a trap, a means of attempting to control life. Control is almost never a good thing as it tends to be self-centered; attempting to control our lives denies divine will. But in awareness and resonance with the will of divine, life seeks its own balance.

A balanced approach to balance creates the balance we would seek. In mindfully embracing all levels of awareness - of mind, of heart, of body, of soul, of God, of others - the lives we live become balanced, happy, and fulfilled; balance seeks its own balance.

What can we do then to achieve the balance we desire?

First, we need to be aware of the divine. Embracing the Light within and the oneness with all opens us to possibility and grace.

Second, we surrender the idea that we're in control of our lives. Sure, we do have some influence. We have the power of dreams, intents, choices, and actions. But the outcomes are outside of our control. We show up, surrender, do our part, and let God handle the results. Balance results.

We become people who lived balanced lives when we stop seeking balance. One of many paradoxes in this existence we share...

Love and giggles,