It simply amazes me how much love I feel some moments. The euphoria of life, the ecstasy of being, the amazement of quiet knowledge, the endlessness of it all.

And in these moments, when the fires eternal burn, when the light shines bright, it amazes me (and saddens me too) that so many people don't 'get it' yet. I certainly understand. It wasn't that many years ago when I was among the disheartened and fearful masses. Chasing fantasies, dollars, addictions, status, utterly unaware of the beautiful gifts of love, and the endless supply of bliss.

This is why I write, for both these reasons. I have a song of love, flowing freely, that flows most freely and gives me great pleasure when I allow the words to be released, soul to heart to mind to hand to word. And, secondly, I have strong desire to share the amazing euphoria with others, and the path I found to have that euphoria, that love.

As I learned a bit about what love was, of self, of others, of God, of the totality of creation, I felt an insatiable desire for more. I suppose we all want to be loved. But many of us, myself included, didn't know what real love was. Sure, we had some idea, some conception, words like respect and honor and cherish and the good feelings that accompanied giving and receiving that sort of love.

Divine love, though, is so much more. It starts with surrender. Surrendering the needs to control, to know, to possess, allows the Divine Flow to heal us of fear, perceptions of lack, of loss, of harm. These things, lack, loss, harm, do not exist in Love. Love is perfection. Love is faultless. Love is available, in an endless supply, to we who surrender, take the leap of faith, choose to trust, and tirelessly seek.

The gifts are beyond words. I've written thousands of poems and have scarcely scratched the surface. Love is truly and absolutely true and absolute. Endless. Forever. Infinite.

And love is here. Love is present. In this very instant. When we surrender, trust, seek, and accept, love is our gift. It works every time. It's so very simple. So very simple.

I wish you love. Much much love. Open your heart. Open your eyes. Soar. See. There is love.

Love and giggles,