Social networking and technology are presenting to us many new opportunities to connect with like minds and souls around the world. No longer are we limited by location in our pursuit of connections, friendships, and love. How can we leverage these new opportunities?

It still begins with self.

As we individually have faith in our talents and abilities and nurture with faith and fearlessness these gifts, we discover and hone that which we have to offer. Each and every one of us is a unique being with a unique message and style to share. Embracing our gifts allow them to manifest and flourish.

Beyond self, there are others.

We are both one and many. We are surely connected in spirit, in soul, in oneness, in divinity. All of us who are on a spiritual path have discovered or are discovering this truth. Surrendering to and living in loving oneness allows us to grow in faith and in trust of the connectedness that flows in and through us all.


We choose to trust. Humanity, the ego self, resists trust. Trust is risky. Trust can bring disappointment and resultant pain. Yet there is no other way to connect, to collaborate, to share our gifts one with another and then with a larger audience. The higher the degree of intimate trust, the stronger the collaborative bond. True collaboration requires we risk exposing our true selves and our heartfelt art.


Today's technologies are wonderful. Text messages, emails, tweets, and status updates keep us linked with many in our group of connections, of acquaintances. But there is a trap that many of us have fallen into. The shortness, frequency, and sheer volume of our communications keeps us at a distance from one another. We have many many connections, but few intimate friends. True collaboration requires a deeper connection, more than tweets and texts and clicking the like button.

Find your self, explore your gifts, discover the joy and fulfillment of intimate connection with others, and share your art with the world.

Love and giggles,