The ego is a tricky thing. This part of us – humanity, infant, shadow – tempts us, taunts us, beckons us to seek to control our lives and our destinies.

But control is never the way to peace. Control is illusion, control is a lie, control is unloving.

The choice to surrender allows us to forgive, to accept, and to follow the path of divinity. And in Divinity's Light, all sorrows fall away, all doubts dissolve, all misgivings disappear.

It's not easy, especially when we've reached some level of enlightenment, to surrender. But if we desire to live in love, dining on the abundant fruits of peace, surrender we must.

The future is beautiful in the presence of faithful surrender. The present is peace in acceptance of what is. The past is forgiven; its power is nil.

Surrender today to Love, to God, to Destiny, to Divine.

Love and giggles,