From dreams come visions
Clear visions show the true way
Acts in love create

Are you attracting, manifesting, and actualizing all you want in your life? If not, the answer, for most of us, lies in this simple question.

The Law of Attraction says, in essence, that we attract in our lives that which we are. It's never enough to simply think a thing; thinking a thing does not create it. It's neither enough to believe; belief is but a cornerstone in creation. If you want to create, you must create. And creation requires action.

The Four Cornerstones of Creation:

An Inspired Dream – Any change begins with a thought. In our imaginings and dreams and insight we see something that doesn't presently exist in our world that we think we might like.

A Clear Vision – Specificity is imperative. A dream without clarity is mere fantasy. If you're looking for a mate, what attributes does he or she have? If you're wanting to start a business, what products or services will you provide and why would people give you money for it? What differentiates your business?

Persistent Faith – Consistency of dream and vision allow us to know unfalteringly what we desire to create. If we desire one thing one day and another thing the next, we'll create little. Persistence of faith gives us the strength and vitality to take action...

Consistent Action – Anything worth having is worth working for. Life is a balance of giving and receiving, of creating and enjoying the fruits of our creation. The work is both the joy of creating and the karmic energy that manifests and attracts our clear and persistent dreams.

Are you willing to believe in your dreams? Are you willing to create a clear and measurable plan in manifesting those dreams? Are you willing to do the work, from a place of loving faith? If so, your dreams will surely come true.

Love and giggles,