Lots of us talk about love, about the idea that all of us are pure love and that love is all we are. It's a beautiful way to see ourselves and our world. But what does it mean? What is love?

Is love the spirit of giving, the willingness see others with compassion and kindness? Is love the act of service, of placing the needs of others above ourselves?

Is love a vibration, a feeling, a state of thought that rises above the noise and allows us to sing the songs of our hearts?

Is love the metaphysical force that underlies and flows through all matter and energy, beneath the atom, the atomic particles, the wiggles and waves and strings that blink in and out of this universe and every other?

Is love the true essence of spirit, the connection with Divine, with God, with self and all others?

Perhaps love is all these things, along with all the actions of love given others without judgment, without expectation, without hope of reward or repayment.

Contemplate and meditate and look within yourself today, deep within, where the song of truth rises. Love has many flavors, many textures, many varieties, many meanings. If love is the true state of who we are, the highest state of our perfect divinity, the seeking and discovery of love brings us closer to its growing realization.

Love and giggles,