For a long time in my journey, I thought of passion and peace as polar opposites. I believed that each of us had to make a choice of the two paths, the path of passion begin creative and forceful, the path of peace about allowing and accepting quietly all that life brought. I believed that trying to mix the two was fruitless, was impossible, as peace was ordered and passion was chaotic, as passion was active and peace was passive.

Peace, to me, seemed the more “spiritual” choice. And yet, a part of me longed to create, to control at least some aspects of my life, to be responsible for the life I attracted and actualized.

In time though, I learned, and I continue to learn, that passion and peace can coexist, and indeed that coexistence is our natural state, a higher state than the more simplistic choice of one or the other. Peace, true peace, is from within. Regardless of how busy and noisy and fast life is, we can be in a state of peace when we release judgments, expectations, fears, and beliefs.

Passion, likewise, is from within – that divine creative spark and desire to change, to evolve, to grow, and to make manifest our highest gifts. And accepting the balance between and among these two aspects of ourselves allows us to both be and do, in love and grace, that which we are meant to be and do.

We have chosen this path, this reality, these lives we live here on earth, to live, to learn, and to express, in peace, with passion, our uniqueness and our connectedness, through love. Passion is active love. Peace is passive love. Living both, in balance, is a wonderful path to a higher realization and actualization of love.

Love and giggles,