So... just what does it mean to be empowered by divine. For me, at this stage in my journey, my awareness, my life, it's allowing knowledge, understanding, intent, and practicality to be merged in the life of my dreams. I have a wonderful home, a fulfilling career, friends, interests, hobbies, and enjoyable activities. Everywhere I go, everything I do, I do with an awareness and oneness with the Divine that is my higher essence. Mundane daily activities are fulfilling; my heart, mind, and soul are engaged and active in the moment; I am an active co-creator in each miraculous moment.

Such a mindset, world view, way of life, allows amazingness to flow and grow in my life.

Saturday, two days ago, I woke up, thanked God for a new day, enjoyed some coffee and quiet time reading from a few inspired and uplifting books, then went to Rehoboth Beach, a resort town on the beach about 30 minutes from my home. First there was the writers' group, Rehoboth Beach Writers' Guild. The group holds "free writes" several times a week. There are generally ten or so of us in attendance. The leader gives a prompt, after which we each write for five minutes or so, then go around the group reading what we've written. Here's a poem I wrote in free write:

The light, through the trees, this morning
Reminds me
Of the last moments
And the next
With you

Hope rises
With the low sun
Spilling over
The still green leaves
As one season ends
And another

Your light today reminds me
That love is warm
And welcome

Love begins
As the sun
Moves above the treeline
Flows beyond thought
Immerses us
In the brilliant light
Of now

After the writers' group, I walked the couple blocks to the beach, camera and journal in hand. I shot the photos above along with a hundred or so others. I felt the power of Love. I lived a wonderful day, as a man, as a divinely connected spirit, empowered by divine...

More and more, we learn and accept that anything possible. Anything.

Much love,