It's easy to wander from the path. Mistakes and fears and judgments (both from inside and out) lead us to feel less than successful in our chosen missions. It's far easier to avoid the resultant feelings than to face them head on, trudging on, maintaining momentum. Negative feelings are an enticement to procrastination and avoidance.

Anyone who has been successful, regardless of their metrics of success, whether material or spiritual, whether inventive, creative, compassionate, or giving, anyone who has been successful has found the strength and tenacity to persist in their goals and dreams.

The sooner we realize we've wandered from our purpose the sooner we can make a decision to face this truth and find the way back to the way of loving and purposeful creation. Aimless wandering produces and manifests little. Consistent pursuit and action on the path of our dreams leads to results and feelings of fulfillment.

Have you strayed from your purpose? Have you wandered from the path set before you? Are you ready to resume the life you desire? Is today the day to find the strength to persist?

Love and giggles,