Most successful people aren't successful because of one brilliant idea. Success comes from the diligent and persistent pursuit of our dreams. After we've learned the way the universe works, after we've made a decision to accept ourselves and our gifts, the loving path is to persevere in creation and the sharing of ourselves and our gifts.

This is true in every field of endeavor. Are you a great painter? Paint! Are you a gifted leader? Lead! Do you have the gift of compassion? Give!

Only when we realize, accept, and share our gifts, do we find true joy and fulfillment.

Regardless of where we are on this journey of life, there's always room for growth. We've all experienced the joy of being in harmony with our gifts and the wonderful feelings that accompany sharing these gifts. Isn't today a good day to decide to discover, create, and share a little more?

The way of fulfillment...

  1. Surrender to the Love that is your true essence
  2. Choose to discover and hone your highest gifts
  3. Create with passion
  4. Share

Simple, huh?

Love and giggles,