We are curiosity. Our imaginative natures and our desire for the comfort of understanding intersect, creating in us the want to figure it all out, to discover and cling to some simple formula or credo that explains the nature of existence, of life, of our reason for being.

We discover and cling to concepts, to words, to ideas along the way. Our journeys are similar, we begin in ignorance, we move to self-preservation, through times of seeking answers in the Cosmos, in ourselves, in others, in God. And as we journey, we learn, we discover, and we embrace little truths. And big truths. These truths define us and the world we see and experience.

If we remain open to change, what “it's all about” changes as we do. Sometimes...

  • It's all about forgiveness.
  • It's all about surrender.
  • It's all about love.
  • It's all about peace.
  • It's all about understanding.
  • It's all about enlightenment.
  • It's all about oneness.
  • It's all about happiness.
  • It's all about service.
  • It's all about intent.
  • It's all about living.
  • It's all about the journey.
  • It's all about discovery.
  • It's all about destiny.
  • It's all about change.

Each and every one of these statements is true. For some of us, for some part or parts of our lives. As we are open to new ideas and discoveries, as we are willing to let go of our old ideas and truths, we discover new things that “it's all about.”

Be willing to surrender your worldview, your beliefs, and a new world comes into view.

It's fun. Try it.

Love and giggles,