I don't feel much like writing today. There's a part of me that wants to allow myself not to, to dwell in the belief that I have writer's block. But a few moments of reflection removes this thought, this myth, this impossibility.

I've had some difficult times in my life. Living alone, fears of not having enough money coming in, regrets from the harm I've caused others, these thoughts and feelings of malaise still sometimes visit me. But through the difficulties, both past and present, I remind myself of some basic truths. I remind myself I am a loving and lovable child of God. And I remind myself that one of the gifts God has given me is the gift to write. And God would never withhold these gifts. Never.

So if I think or feel I cannot write, these thoughts and feelings are not from God, but from my humanity, my weakness, my ego. These thoughts and feelings may seem true in the moment, but they're not. It's impossible that they be true if God loves me and God has given me the gift to write.

Having accepted my loving perfection and exposed the truth, the solution is simple. The only cure for procrastination is action; the only cure for writer's block is to write.

And these simple truths are true for any good and noble pursuit. So long as we are in alignment with the loving flow of God, the Universe, Source, Love, the blocks fall away. As we embrace and then lovingly dismiss our fears, exposing them to the simple truths of loving action, the fears fall away and we follow the higher paths our deepest hearts long to follow.

Do not accept the egos' plans today. Insist on being the divine beings you were meant to be. Discover and follow your noble pursuits. Act on the loving prompts that guide you.

Act. Create. Live. And fulfill your destiny today...

Love and giggles,