Our world is changing; there are signs everywhere that we are experiencing an unfolding of a time of love and world peace. With this change comes a desire and need to work together, to collaborate and share our inspiration, our gifts, our passion, and our creative love.

Collaborative projects and endeavors allow us to match our skills and passions with those of another. In this merging of diversity, richness and breadth are made available. Where I am weak, you are strong; where you are weak, I am strong. The union of our strengths allows more creativity to blossom.

But also, and perhaps even more significant, as Napoleon Hill tells us in Think and Grow Rich “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

In our collaborations, new ideas spring forth, new possibilities, new approaches, which would not have occurred to us individually.

Collaboration requires some adjustment to our mindset, our world view. Collaboration requires selflessness, fearlessness, and love. It requires a choice to see the strengths and gifts of others and to trust. The fruits of the collaborative effort are directly proportionate to the level of trust of the members of the collaboration.

Trusting ourselves comes first. If I see not the value in myself and lack faith in my abilities, I cannot see the value in another. In the absence of this perceived value, there is no motivation to trust. Surrendering to the “third mind”, the divine presence, opens new pathways to creation.

In collaboration, one plus one yields more than two. “Two heads are better than one.” Three heads are better still. Add some heart, some love, and some trust, and anything becomes possible.

How can you develop your collaborative spirit today?

Love and giggles,