Seek not love blindly
Messiahs for a new age
See true love within

Where is love? Is it in the teachings of icons and cheerleaders for a new way? Is it in the channeling of distant intelligence from faraway realms? Why do so many of us have a need to seek the answers to life's questions in the words of some small group of elevated elite?

Love is simple. Love is easy. Love is inside you, just beyond that wall of needful fear, of desperate intellect. Find the courage to surrender to love, and love is all you will see.

This needn't be difficult, but we make it so. We make it so by elevating love, by believing love is just out of reach of the majority, the majority we see ourselves a part of.

There is no elite. There are no chosen few. You are chosen. I am chosen. We're all chosen - chosen to believe in the simple power of love.

In love, there is no fear. In the absence of fear, there is only love. This is not a complex message. This is not a complex journey.

Surrender your need to understand; it is based only on fear. Surrender your need to judge. Surrender your need to feel separate and alone.

Surrender fear and only love remains.

And in love, we find the beauty of awakening.

I love you,