Our feelings and emotions are funny things some days. When we feel less than brilliant, less than inspired (as I do today), it's not always so easy to determine whether these feelings of stuckness are caused by fear of moving forward and shining or whether they're a signal that we're on the wrong track and need to make a course correction.

Procrastination, in small measure, is good in times like these. Rather than diving deeper into what may be the wrong stream, it can be useful to pause, reflect, and to examine our goals and intents. In these quiet moments, connecting with divine, we ask for direction, for clarity, and for the courage to hear those directions.

Choices are presented to us every single day. Sometimes the choices are big ones. Usually though, it's the small and subtle choices that determine what we become. Remaining mindful of our dreams and intents, while also being present in the current situation, allows us to make choices, most of the time, in accordance with our higher paths.

When we are feeling whole, complete, fulfilled, and happy, it's a good sign that our thoughts and actions are in resonance and accord with our divine selves. When feeling less than happy, it's often prudent to pause and reflect. As inspiration finds its way to us, and as we act on that inspired thought, we find our way back to our chosen paths, and before long, a feeling of rightness, of happiness returns.

What are your feelings telling you today? What choices stand before you?

Pause, reflect, hear, and act.

Much love,