In the presence of perfect love, there is only light. Darkness does not exist in this place.

Many of us understand these ideas to be truth, an ideal truth that we desire and seek. But how many of us have really both discovered and remained in that place of nirvana, of absolute love, of perfection? Not me, that's for sure. I have had some wonderful, miraculous, mystical moments – instants of grace when I touched the Face of God. But those moments didn't last. I came back here to my humanity to walk among the living. This is my place.

To pretend then, that I perceive only love would be either dishonest or delusional. Not authentic. A walk in fantasy.

Life is a journey and spiritual growth, awakening, even enlightenment, is part of that journey. As a part of the oneness of the universe, earth, humanity, I see, experience, and intersect with darkness, with fear, with illusions, with all manner of lovelessness.

To live in the illusion of life is difficult. But to live in the delusion that we are not a part of this life, of humanity, is shallow and unfulfilling. Accepting both our perfect divinity and our flawed humanness brings richness and authentic experience in this place we call home.

When I surrender to the truth of my humanity, life is good.

Love and giggles,
Stevie Ray