Attracting and achieving what we want in life requires belief, or faith, that what we wish for, intend, or desire, is possible. To imagine a thing is possible is but a beginning. To intend for that thing to be attracted is an important step on the path. But only in the absence of doubt, or at least in the shrinking of doubt to a point where its energy is less than the energy of the belief in the possibility of what we want, can we receive that which we wish to attract.

How then do we release the doubt that would hold us back from the lives we want? Setting aside the metaphysical aspects, we can see that doubt comes from many sources. Simplified though, it comes from but two: inside and outside.

Releasing the inner doubt is a process of letting go of less than successful memories from the past, through acceptance, forgiveness, and mindful intent. If we want a better today, we need leave yesterday where it belongs. Yesterday cannot be changed, but our perception of yesterday, both what happened and our reaction to what happened, can be changed. If we choose (intend) to see our past as necessary in leading us to where we are today, we can begin the process of acceptance. The memories of past harms and mistakes have little power in a mind and heart that fully accepts.

Fear and apprehension about what will occur in the future is but a reflection of our thoughts about what has occurred in the past. Fear of tomorrow dissipates in the presence of utter acceptance of what was and what is. Fear of tomorrow is diminished in direct proportion to the level with which we have forgiven and embraced our past.

Doubt from outside sources - family, loved ones, our community, what we read and expose ourselves to - is either a reflection of our inner doubt or an opportunity we have attracted so that we can release that doubt and grow in faith (belief). The process of releasing this doubt from outside sources is precisely the same as the process of releasing our inner doubt. When we forgive the pasts of others, when we forgive their misperceptions and accept them, their power and strength are diminished.

Forgiveness then, is the key to acceptance, and acceptance, of our pasts, of our doubts, and of the doubts we see and perceive in others, is the path to belief. As we grow in the belief that our dreams and intents are possible, opportunities to receive and achieve those dreams present themselves. The universe gives to us what we ask for and believe is possible.

Love and giggles,