We create and attract the lives we think and feel. When I spend my time in fear and worry, I see a fearful world opening before me. When I'm in a better place though, a place of love, hope, and faith, I find that worry slips away, and with the departure of worries, what remains is freedom and joy.

Why do we worry? We worry when we overlay our negative experiences and beliefs from the past onto the unfolding world. Looked at through eyes jilted, through a heart broken, hope is not the natural state, hope is not the world we see.

Releasing past harms then, whether real or imagined, whether perpetuated by ourselves or by others, releasing and forgiving these negative echoes allows us to see the world that's unfolding with love, compassion, light, and hope.

Forgive today. Choose today to look with courage at all that feels negative in you and begin the process of forgiveness. In a state of forgiveness, hope blossoms. In hope, freedom shines bright.

Love and giggles,