Time gets a little short this season for many of us and it's easy to lose focus on why we're here. When I lose focus it helps for me to remind myself of the basics.

We're all one. In the divine sense, we're all connected, we're all loved and loving and lovable; we're one in the magnificence of the perfection we're experiencing.

We're all unique. We've each got unique gifts to share, along with unique preferences, beliefs, experiences, and perspectives. To accept me is to know love. To accept you is to be love.

We're here to learn, to love, to share, and to experience. The reasons we're here, brought down to their essence, are really that simple.

When I get caught up in the chaos of my thoughts and the world, I pause, remember these simple truths, and get back to the wonderful experience of life, of connecting to divine, of connecting to me, or connecting to you.

Love and giggles,