So, today's my birthday, and I'm thinking about wishes...

My first thought is to wish for peace, but peace is already here, already growing, glowing, showing, actualizing in a world that's waking to the the potential of the heart, the mind, the one connected soul that dances in the moonlight, flickers on the candle, revels at the sunrise, sunset, the compassionate many who live in love.

I wish for chocolate, for strawberries, for fresh-baked bread, for the rich taste of life, for the sensations that wake the palate, the wonders of that flood us, soothe us, fill us, for the aromas of fresh-cut flowers, for the amazement of the emerging chrysalis, sensory magic, bridges of thought's perception, perfection, dreaming, waking.

I wish for the end of fear, fear of each other, fear of inspiration, fear of being the bright shining stars that each of our hearts long to be, fear of change, fear of intimacy, fear of fear.

I wish for comfort, but not so much comfort that it stifles change, as change is who we are. In the changing of thoughts, hearts, beliefs, attachments, we transition to being the beings we are meant to become. But too much change is chaos, anarchy, fearful, so times of rest and comfort, sleeping, dreaming, hoping, being, yes, comfort is good, too.

I wish for sufficiency, for enough; I wish that all will feel full, full in both terms of human needs and divine, practical needs filled, mysteries' need fulfilled, a willing sharing of the abundance that surrounds most of us with the lack that touches so many others.

I wish for an opening of hearts. I wish that we who have seen will show those ready to see. I wish that we who have will give to those who have not. I wish for the loving gift of the gift to be given, received, revived, reflected, felt, actualized.

I wish for each of you and each and every person you touch, in word, in action, in prayer, in thought, to be filled in the healing power of faithful love.

And so it is...

Love and giggles,