A wonderfully simplified view of the universe states that there are only two essential forces that drive us: love and fear. As we move to higher states and realities of love, it becomes increasingly desirable to release our fears.

I am finding that there are two methods which help me to achieve these intents, to be more driven by love and less by fear. The first is to immerse myself in love. If I think and speak only of love, my actions, my attractions, and my world tend to be more immersed in love.

In my experience though, to intentionally seek only love is a bit hollow. When I deny my fear in favor of love I deny my authentic self. I move towards a state of delusion; repressing my fears doesn't eradicate them, it merely hides them away.

Hidden in my unconscious thoughts, my fears sometimes gain strength. And they tend to emerge at the most inopportune moments...

An authentic and holistic worldview accepts that we are both perfectly divine and imperfectly human. Life is more fulfilled, more real, more comfortable, when I embrace both my loving and fearful aspects.

So I accept my fears, I embrace the little boy in me, still cowering in the corner, afraid to be different, afraid to rock the boat, afraid of judgment and rejection. As I love my fears, their power over me is diminished.

I accept and embrace that some moments of every day I feel wonderfully loving and loved and that other moments I am afraid. I am perfectly human, one with a changing and growing God.

What are you most afraid of? Are you willing to accept and embrace your fears today?

Love and giggles,