How do we reconcile the desire to have our intents and dreams manifest with the spiritual need to release the attachments to future outcomes?

We know it's best to remain mindful of the present, to be grateful for all we have, and to keep our thoughts and heart on the positive, on joy and hope and faith and love. Yet we also know that life is about change, that today can be better than yesterday, that tomorrow can be better than today. These two sets of ideals seem to be incompatible, incongruent.

Perhaps it's about balance. To be overly attached to outcomes tends to lead to heartache and resentments, to discontentment. Yet to be utterly unattached to outcomes leaves us drifting in the universal flow; it denies that we are connected to that flow, that we are co-creators.

As we grow in spiritual, mental, and emotional maturity, we develop the intuitive ability to see, to discern when it's time to create and when it's time to allow, to simply be and appreciate the present moment.

The truth is that duality is our nature. We are causal and subtle. When we accept that we are both human and divine, life gets easier, more contented, as well as more creative and more fulfilling. Accepting our place in the universe, both as infinitely powerful creators, and as small and powerless human beings, we find the grace of peace, in both times of effort and times of acceptance.

Intuition guides us in knowing whether it's time to create or time to rest and allow. Denying any part of our reality is not loving. Embracing our humanity and divinity, indeed our duality, allows us to thrive in love.

Love and giggles,